Cruisemaster Suspension FAQs

Can I buy a Cruisemaster Air Suspension kit without the Air Control Kit?

The Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Air Suspension Kit is available with the schrader valves (called Air Kit # 1 or base level) so you can inflate the airbags with your own compressor as required. With this supension kit the customer does not have to buy a Cruisemaster air control kit. It is worth noting that if you install anbother brand of air control kit you will risk the warranty of the Cruisemaster suspension components.

The premium Cruisemaster ATX Air Suspension Kit can only be sold WITH a Cruisemaster Air Control Kit # Level 3 (manual or wireless) or #4 (auto height control)

How do I find out what spigot size and stud pattern to select for my kit?

You will need to decide which rims you are going to use on the trailer. You can measure the diameter of the central bore and identify if it is 5 stud or 6 stud. If the rims are from a vehicle you know or own you can find all the details on a wheel database such as this one.

The most common spigot sizes are

  • 93 (standard)
  • 106
  • 110

The most common stud patterns are

  • LC 6 stud 1/2 in
  • LC 6 stud 12mm
  • LC 5 stud 14mm

A limited range of other combinations are available – so please send the details through and we will see if your combination can be made.

I am interested in CM Suspension – but how can I compare the different types to work out what suits me?

Initially it’s best to take a look at the summary table below – before checking out the product page of the suspension you think suits your project.

Cruisemaster offer 5 different types of suspension systems designed for Australian conditions

What Airbags do the XT Air Suspension Kits use?

Prior to Covid-19 the Firestone brand was the preferred airbag used. However with supply chain issues the use of Airbag man airbags has now been incorporated in the 2.6T and 4.5T XT Air Kits.

For more details please see the Cruisemaster update below (Feb 2022)

Do Cruisemaster sell the wheel nuts?

Cruisemaster do not sell wheel nuts suitable for alloy wheels. These are normally supplied with the alloy wheels or if you require them we recommend you contact Lugnut Australia here to get the wheel nuts you need for your project.

I want to build a chassis for a Cruisemaster Suspension system – how do I find the dimensions etc I need?

Once you have chosen the type of CM suspension you want eg XT Freestyle Air System- Tandem axle you need to study the Documents which can be found on the relevant product page here . For this Kit the document called Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Air Installation guide has all the dimensions you need to ensure the kit will attach to the chassis perfectly.

In addition you will need to decide all the details of the CM kit specification before you design your chassis. For example your chassis to face dimension will be affected by the chassis rail width and the types of rims and tyres you choose.

Please read this article on How to specify the ideal Cruisemaster XT Kit for my project to make sure you have all the details of your kit finalised before you start welding your chassis.

These documents below also have valuable information to make sure your chassis is well designed.

Can I fit any size of tyre to a CM suspension kit?

CM maximum recommended size on any off –road suspension is no bigger than 840mm (33 inch) diameter. To install a wheel and tyre larger than this would lower the braking capacity dramatically and therefore also the suspension rating.

What is the lead time for a Cruisemaster Suspension kit?

As all Suspension Kits are made to order in Brisbane the lead time for manufacturing varies depending on demand. Prior to 2021 it would typically be 4 weeks whereas now it can be much more and changes regularly. Please ask us what the current lead time is between placing an order for the Kit and it being completed ready for shipping when you make your enquiry.

I want to specify hydraulic disc brakes but can I use my own Hydraulic Brake Actuator?

Yes – you can as long as it is rated at 1600psi for the tandem kits.

Does the hydraulic disc brake option have a provision for a hand-brake cable?

Yes it does – but the handbrake cable is not included in the suspension kit – it can be purchased as a separate item – choose 10m or 15m cable lengths.

If I purchase an XT Freestyle kit with coils now, but I want to upgrade it to airbags later do I need to specify this when I get a quote?

Yes – We would supply a different Air Bracket that has a bolt on coil plate. This way you can install the coil system as normal initially and when you choose to upgrade to an airbag system, you simply unbolt the coil plate and install the airbags to the bracket that is already welded onto the chassis.

Do you freight suspension kits to other States?

Yes we can ship your suspension kit across to any State or Territory. When the kit has been manufactured and crated ready for shipping, we will book the freight with our preferred partner TNT. As a heavy pallet our standard practice is to only ship to business addresses as TNT charge a surcharge of $175 plus gst for freight to an address not in a business district.

Once the freight is booked you will receive the TNT email with all the tracking details. If you need other hardware like the DO35 coupling best to make sure it goes in the crate before it leaves.

Customers are welcome to opt to collect their Kit ex works when it has been manufactured and is ready for pickup.

Is it possible to get the XT Suspension in 8×165.1 stud pattern to match my Dodge Ram?

Yes it is – but only in a 12 in drum setup.

Are the Cruisemaster Suspension tandem kits load sharing?

The Cruisemaster tandem suspension kits are referred to as close coupled non Load -Sharing Suspension. This has important implications regarding your choice of wheel rims and tyres also. It is best to refer to Document VSB1 which can be found here which has all the relevant details and states that

Where non-load sharing suspension is used in ‘close-coupled axles’, the following must apply. The individual axles, and the wheels and tyres fitted to each axle, must have a load carrying capacity at least 120% of the load on that axle with the trailer at its ATM (maximum permitted load).
Load sharing suspensions must be designed so that each axle in a group carries the same load irrespective of the relative movement of the wheels.

What is the weight of a Cruisemaster suspension Kit and parts? I am designing my trailer and want to calculate the final weight.

As a guide an XT Freestyle Coil kit will weigh approx 130Kgs per axle and the XT Freestyle Air weighs approx 140kgs per axle. This includes hinge bars, trailing arms, coils or airbags and braking system. In addition allow 10 kgs for a DO35 coupling and 25 kgs for the Air Control Kit 3 or 4.

I have just received my Cruisemaster Suspension kit – how do I unpack it so I know there is nothing missing?

One of the best ways of checking your suspension kit when it arrives and getting familiar with the components is detailed on this you-tube video