DIY Projects

The designs and principles of DIY construction have been developed over many years and feature in a large range of projects. The images below are just a few of the projects our customers have designed and built. No matter what size or shape of your project, the DIY range of composite panels and panel joiners will guarantee a quality product.

Mr C – Victoria 3630

Specialist off-road caravans

Mr P – Queensland 4671

A custom designed 5th wheeler

Mr A – Queensland 4275

An off-road motor-home on a Hino chassis

Mr C – Victoria 3210

A specialist display trailer

Mr H – Queensland 4280

A truck camper on an Iveco chassiss

Mr J – Queensland 4207

A custom exploration vehicle

A custom built 7.2m caravan with a slide-out with all the ‘bells and whistles’

Mr. W – Queensland 4164

A 6m lightweight caravan project with a rolled roof