Cruisemaster ATX Air Suspension Kit

From: $4,382.00 inc. GST

Australia’s Premium All-Terrain Suspension System. The ATX Air system is available in single axle kits up to 2800kgs and tandem axle kits up to 4500kgs.

  • Long travel (140mm) single arm design
  • 215mm ride height
  • 63mm Square stub axle with 3.3T Bearings
  • 46mm Piggyback Dampers
  • custom Firestone air spring
  • Drum or ventilated disc brake options
  • Standard rebound cable
  • Premium multi-stage powdercoating
  • Locking camber and toe adjustment
  • Simple self-aligning mounting system
  • Australian manufactured with only highest quality components
  • Cruisemaster 5 year conditional Warranty
  • Kits are made to order and shipped Australia wide
  • Air control systems are also available as a separate item – click for more details – including self-levelling and wireless. Please note that only Level 3 and Level 4 Air Control Kits are sold with the ATX suspension kits

Design your own kit by selecting from the many build options below and click ‘Make an Enquiry’ to send your design to us. We will contact you to help with the next step.

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Designed for any off-road adventure

  • Keeping the wheels on the ground is the name of the game for off-road travel.
  • ATX’s long travel design keeps it firmly planted in challenging terrain

63mm Stub axle with 3.T Bearings

  • ATX uses a Cruisemaster designed bearing set and massive 63mm stub axle to provide ultimate strength in any terrain.

Race-bred damper technology

  • ATX uses 46mm monotube piggyback dampers that feature technology used in off-road racing vehicles. This gives the best in suspension control on or off the road.

If your looking for the very best possible suspension to go under a caravan or luxury camper trailer look no further than Cruisemaster ATX suspension system! Designed from the ground up by our in-house engineering team this system screams performance where ever you look.
ATX suspension is build for a lifetime of adventures with its key components being able to be upgraded as your needs change. Buy the coil spring/drum brake configuration now with the option of upgrading to air bag/disc brakes down the track!
Stress less with a heavy duty build less likely to run into problems out on the tracks. A sturdy 63mm stub axle, extra-large 3.3T VC bearing combination, premium monotube dampers and lockable toe and camber adjusters means you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time dealing with overheated components and maintenance.

Technical Information:

  1. The ATM is a critical specification for correct coil / bump stop combination selection. The ATM is the total weight of vehicle including full payload. Overstating or understating this capacity could lead to a detrimental effect on the ride, ride height and handling.
  2. Ratings assume a drawbar load of 7-12% ATM.
  3. For help choosing your Spigot size see diagram in ‘Product Documents’

If you are building a chassis to suit this Suspension System please see the Installation Guide above with all the dimensions you need for your design

Additional information

ATM Rating

Single 2800 Kgs, Tandem 4500 Kgs

Brake Type

Hydraulic Disk Brakes, 12in CM Drums, 12in Alko Drums

Spigot Size

93mm, 106mm, 110mm

Stud Pattern

LC6 1/2in, LC6 12mm, LC5 14mm, Other

Wheel Nuts Required

Yes, No

Shock Absorbers

Single M46 (46mm Monotube )

Trailing Arm Finish

Doe Skin, Onyx

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