Cruisemaster Air Control Kits

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Cruisemaster Air Control Kits come in 5 different levels of functionality so there is a system for everybody.

  • Digital gauges feature on level 3, 3W and 4 kits.
  • The new HD compressor (Level 3, 3W and 4) provides higher flow rates which allows faster suspension adjustment.
  • The compressor runs quieter due to vibration isolating mounts.
  • Electronic tank drain valves (Level 3W and 4).
  • Wireless suspension control (Level 3W).

See Summary Table in documents below for details of each kit.

Air Control Kit Documents

Summary Table - Air Control Kits



The next generation air suspension control kits are the result of many years of experience and listening to feedback from our customers. The control panels are pre-assembled and pressure tested prior to delivery guaranteeing the reliability expected from Cruisemaster products.


Cruisemaster-Air-Control- Kit-Summary-Table

Cruisemaster-Air-Control- Kit-Summary-Table

In addition Cruisemaster Airbag Systems only use the best quality airbags from Firestone.

  • XT systems have a range of available airbags to match the load requirements of the suspension.
  • ATX airbags are tuned in house to deliver the best possible performance.

All air control kits are supported by Cruisemaster’s nation wide manufacturers warranty and National Service Network.

Additional information

Air Control Kit

Level 2, Level 3 Manual, Level 3 (Wireless), Level 4 (Auto)

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