Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Air Suspension Kit – Tandem

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Often copied but never matched; the iconic XT suspension from Cruisemaster has led the way for independent trailer suspension systems for well over 10 years now.

Now in its 6th generation XTFreestyle gives you more freedom then ever before!

New ‘Freestyle’ Features include:

  • Now up to 4.5T Tandem rating
  • In built cable management
  • Reinforced Stub Axles
  • Bolt on Disc Option for post production upgrades

In addition to:

  • Iconic arm design made in Australia
  • G35 (35mm gas) or G40 (40mm gas) dual tube dampers
  • Polyurethane bump stops & greaseable bushes
  • Two ride height options (straight / Drop Axles)
  • 50mm Stub Axle with reinforcing plate
  • Highest load capacity in its class
  • Grease nipples for easy maintenance
  • Inbuilt Cable Management
  • Style it your way with a range of finishes including premium powder coating
  • Cruisemaster bolt on caliper design allows for easy disc brake upgrades
  • Electric Drum or ventilated Disc Brakes
  • Camber & Toe adjustment for reduced tyre wear
  • A range of stud patterns & spigot sizes available to match wheels
  • Gen.2 Shock Absorber Mounting System
  • Twin rate spring system with Firestone air springs
  • Cruisemaster 5 year conditional Warranty
  • All kits are made to order and shipped Australia wide
  • Air control systems are also available as a separate item – click for more details – including self levelling and wireless. Please note Level 1 is standard with the suspension kit and includes the manual inflation points only – schrader valves.

Design your own kit by selecting from the many build options below and click ‘Make an Enquiry’ to send your design to us. We will contact you to help you with the next step.

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Please click here for all the practical info you need to help with your decisions

Technical Information:

  1. The ATM is a critical specification for correct coil / bump stop combination selection. The ATM is the total weight of vehicle including full payload. Overstating or understating this capacity could lead to a detrimental effect on the ride, ride height and handling.
  2. Note: This is a non load-sharing suspension therefore wheels and tyres need to be rated to 120% of required capacity. Ratings assume a drawbar load of 7-12% ATM.
  3. The ride height is reduced by 65mm if you select the drop axle option
  4. Measurement of the Chassis to Face dimension is important to ensure the wheel runs in the right place with correct clearance with the chassis. Particularly useful if you wish to match your tow vehicle wheels to your trailer wheels. See image gallery for help with How to Calculate the Chassis to Face Measurement and understanding wheel offsets
    • C/F  dimension is limited to a range of 175mm – 240mm for 10″ brakes
    • C/F dimension is limited to a range of 175mm – 260mm for 12″ brakes
  5. For Powder Coating colour choices see chart in ‘Product Documents’
  6. For help choosing your Spigot size see diagram in ‘Product Documents’
  7. For help selecting which Air Control Kit suits you – see summary and image in Image Gallery

While many trailer suspension systems on the market today may take “inspiration” from our original A-Frame arm design it’s the small things we have learnt over the last 5 generations of XT suspension design that keeps raising the bar for performance and functionality.

No longer considered just an “Off-Road” system, Cruisemaster XT takes it’s design queue’s from all terrain types to ensure you can achieve the right ride no matter the terrain making it a legitimate all-terrain system.

Cruisemaster XT is the most versatile caravan/trailer system available on the market today, giving you more options to build the perfect suspension for your needs.

Air springs allow the suspension to maintain its load carrying performance and ride height characteristics with varying loads. This means the trailer will always tow the same as it will fully loaded. Furthermore, when you arrive at your destination the caravan or camper trailer can be levelled without the need for wheel chocks. This is controlled by one of five Cruisemaster XT Air control systems that give you the freedom to decide how you want to control your ride.

If you are building a chassis to suit this Suspension System please see the Installation Guide above with all the dimensions you need for your design

Additional information

Air Control Kit

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 3 wireless, Level 4 Auto Levelling

ATM - XT Air Tandem

2800 Kgs, 3400 Kgs, 4500 Kgs

Chassis to Face Dimension

175mm, 180mm, 185mm, 190mm, 195mm, 200mm, 210mm, 220mm, 230mm, 240mm, 250mm, 260mm

Axle Type

Straight Axle (Standard), Drop Axle (65mm lower)

Brake Type

12in Disk Brakes, 12in CM Drums, 12in Alko Drums, 10in CM Drums, 10in Alko Drums

Spigot Size

93mm, 106mm, 110mm

Stud Pattern

Ford 5, LC6 1/2in, LC6 12mm, LC5 14mm, Other

Wheel Nuts Required

Yes, No

Shock Absorbers

Single G35 (White), Twin G35 (White), Twin G40 (Silver)

Trailing Arm Finish

Raw Uncoated, PC Std-Black, PC Std-Red, PC Prem-Safety Yellow, PC Prem-Orange, PC Prem-Signal Red, PC Prem-Flame Red, PC Prem-Blaze Blue, PC Prem-Space Blue, PC Prem- Toxic Green, PC Prem- Mistletoe Green, PC Prem-Night Sky Black

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