Can we phone DIY Caravans for some info?

We welcome all initial enquiries via the contact page on our website where customers can explain what information or product they are interested in and provide some details. This allows us to give a more thorough reply with links to more detailed info if applicable.

Many of the answers can be found on the DIY Caravans website learning centre here but we appreciate not everyone has the time to read it. In fact some of the info we put on the website is driven by the types of questions we receive regularly. Simply type a keyword into the ‘Search’ bar and relevant items/articles will be listed for you.

When we email customers back we are also able to include links to the most relevant info to help with your query. Designing and building a project often takes months or even years so we are used to helping customers over some hurdles as they progress with their build.

We do telephone customers where for example we need to discuss the details of a made to order item once we have the initial information.

And for any customers who have purchased an item – we recommend you email us at if you have any queries and provide the invoice number you are enquiring about. We will get back to you with the info you require.

Due to the high demand for our products and services unfortunately we are often not able to answer the phone. Thank-you for your understanding,

The Team at DIY Caravans.