Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled

$1,415.70$1,558.70 inc. GST

If you have or order a Cruisemaster Suspension Kit with ABS Enabled brakes, you need this Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled systems for it to work properly.

Kit Includes:

  • For Single Axle:
    • Trailer Safety Controller Module (ECU)
    • Power Harness 4m
    • Axle Harness_Single Axle (SA)
    • Lamp
    • Bluetooth Dongle
  • For Tandem Axle:
    • Trailer Safety Controller Module (ECU)
    • Power Harness 5m
    • Axle Harness_Dual Axle (DA)
    • Lamp
    • Bluetooth Dongle


Two-Year Warranty: Enjoy a no-hassle, two-year warranty.


More Information about Cruisemaster ABS Enabled Suspension Systems: Click Here


Tyre size is a requirement for programming the Bosch TSC Unit and providing this information at the checkout in the Note field. ( Example: 165/80R13 )




Towing a trailer can be dangerous due to situations like unexpected driving conditions, incorrect loading or driver inexperience. Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled monitors individual wheel speeds and activates the electric braking system on the trailer itself, significantly increasing the stability of both the towed vehicle and the towing vehicle during critical events.

The Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled combining advanced driver assistance algorithms and hardware, the system intelligently intervenes faster and more precisely than human drivers can – helping to reach a destination more safely.


Towing Benefits of ABS Systems (Anti-Lock Braking System) 

  • Reduces the risks of caravan or trailer jack-knifing, skidding and trailer sway during emergency braking situations.
  • Improved braking performance through increased brake outputs.
  • Increases control during evasive procedures on the road.

Other Features & Benefits of ABS

  • Lane Change (Swerve Control)
  • Trailer Sway Mitigation
  • Bluetooth Odometer & Brake Fault Diagnostics (Specific to Bosch TSC, may not be available on other systems)
  • Up to 90 % of serious trailer related accidents can be prevented or reduced in severity (Source: Caravan Buyers Guide)
  • Better informed through connected odometer and diagnostics functions
  • Automatic control of the trailer brakes to stabilize the trailer and the towing vehicle
  • Instant detection of critical driving situations such as wheel slip, sway, swerve



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Additional information


Single Axle TSC Kit, Tandem Axle TSC Kit

Tyre Size

Provide your tyre size (e.g., 165/80R13) in the Note field at checkout to program the Bosch TSC Unit.

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