How to get a guide price for ‘My Composite Panel Kit’

If you are looking at using a Composite Panel Kit for the first time you may want to know whether it fits within your budget before you go any further. Here are some simple steps to help calculate a guide price.

  1. Select which type of Composite Panel suits your project best

DIY Caravans are able to offer you 3 types of Composite Panel Kits (A, B and C) from 4 specialist panel manufacturers in different States with whom we have negotiated great deals for DIY builders. Our manufacturers are all genuine Australian businesses using the highest quality European components and supply many of the premium Australian Caravan manufacturers.

Each Panel Kit type varies in price, supplier location, freight options and strength characteristics so the key is to find the best kit to suit your project and your budget.

For more info and a guide price for DIY Composite Panel kit A click here

For more info and a guide price for DIY Composite Panel kit B click here

For more info and a guide price for DIY Composite Panel kit C click here

Choosing which Panel Kit you want will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your Project – how extreme ‘off-road’ is it? The unique design of panels in Panel Kit A makes them ideal for extreme situations
  • Your budget – What are you expecting to spend? Panel Kits B and C offer excellent value for money
  • Your location – panel suppliers are located in Qld, NSW, Vic and WA – some panels can be shipped while many customers prefer to collect the completed Kit direct from the Manufacturer when it is ready

2. Calculate the total size of all your panels in m2

Since the cost of Composite Panels is based on their size, we need to calculate the total size of your Composite Panel kit.

By far the best way to do this, is to create a table similiar to the one below

Table for calculating total kit size in m2

a. For each panel you require give it a number and a name.

b. Now for each panel calculate the length (L) and width (W) in metres (or mm)

c. Multiply L by W to find the area of each panel in m2

d. Add all the panel areas together to get a total kit size in m2

e. Remember to include all the panels you need – including the floor and internal walls. The bigger the kit the lower the rate per m2.

3. Calculate the guide cost for your panel kit

Simply multiply the total area in m2 by the cost per m2 for the Kit (A, B or C) that you have chosen. The prices provided are based on a total kit of at least 40m2 . If your kit is less than this please inform us here and we will advise the cost per m2 for your kit.

Your panel kit may consist of panels with insertions, coloured skins and profile cutting for rebates or doors and windows. In this case DIY Caravans will need to provide a detailed quote if you have calculated the guide cost and it is in line with your budget.

The information you will need to consider if you would like to have a detailed quote is covered here ‘ How to request a detailed quote for a DIY Composite Panel Kit