How to choose which DIY Composite Panel kit is best for me?

At DIY Caravans we are able to offer 3 types of Composite Panel kits from 3 different specialist panel manufacturers with whom we have negotiated great deals on your behalf.

This gives customers a genuine choice and allows DIY Caravans to explain the pros and cons of each product in an impartial way based on our years of experience.

All our Composite Panel manufacturers have a number of key criteria in common:

  • They are quality Australian businesses building an Australian product
  • They are customer focused with great service and warranty
  • Components are from global leading European suppliers
  • Composite panels are made to order with lead times from 4-8 weeks
  • Panels can be made up to at least 10m long and 2.5m wide
  • Panel can be cut with the latest cnc machines

However, each of our suppliers also offers a range of products that have

  • different strength and performance characteristics,
  • different panel options eg colour,
  • different prices and
  • they are located from Victoria to Queensland.  

These product ranges are detailed on the website as

Our role at DIY Caravans is guide you and quote for the Composite Panel Kit that most closely resembles what you want.

Factors to take into account in selecting your type of Composite Panel may include:

  1. Price – this varies significantly depending on the way it is manufactured and the complexity of the panel design
  2. Location – some customers are able to travel interstate to collect their panel kit and some panel kits can be shipped to you. Where you live may affect your choice of panel kit
  3. Performance characteristics – each panel kit is manufactured using different components and different methods of production. Whilst our suppliers only use high quality European sourced components in the panels, the kits do enjoy a range of strength and performance characteristics so you can select the composite panels best suited to your application.
  4. Range of options – you may want to have insertions inside the panels for screw retention or running a 12v cable. Or want to add strength each side of a hole for a roof-mounted AC unit. Or a choice of the thickness or colour of the skins. All our manufacturing partners offer a range of options to help satisfy these requirements.

Once you have chosen your panel kit supplier , now it is time to design each individual panel for a quote request