How much will my Composite Panel Kit cost? – items to consider

At DIY Caravans we are able to offer you 3 types of Composite Panel Kits (A, B and C) from 3 different specialist panel manufacturers with whom we have negotiated great deals on your behalf.

To read about DIY Composite Panel kit A click here (from $199+gst per m2)

To read about DIY Composite Panel kit B click here (from $139+gst per m2)

To read about DIY Composite Panel kit C click here (from $164+gst per m2)

Your Project considerations

Choosing which Panel Kit suits you best will depend on a number of factors:

  • Project design – how ‘off-road’ is it?
  • Your budget – see prices above
  • Your location – panel suppliers are from Victoria to Queensland – some panels can be shipped while many customers prefer to collect the completed Kit direct from the Manufacturer when it is ready

Your Individual Panel considerations

How complex is the design of each composite panel? Each panel is made to order. DIY supplies anything from simple panels to complex panel kits with multiple panel insertions and cnc cutting requirements in each panel.

Key Items to consider for each panel:

  1. Purpose of panel eg Wall, Roof, Floor etc
  2. Dimensions – length (mm) and width (mm) – this will be affected by which method you choose to join the panels together
  3. Thickness of panel – 29mm panels (which use a 25mm core) are most popular. Other thicknesses are available.
  4. Skin colour – gloss white is standard. Suppliers have different additional options
  5. Floor panel – if required – what is the max. spacing between cross members supporting the floor?

A table or list is a good way to summarise this info as below:

Other items to consider for a detailed quotation include…

6. Panel joining method – are you using DIY panel joiners to join the panels together?

7. Do you require any insertions in the panel – eg for improved structural strength, for attaching items to the panel or for running electric cables? If so a simple sketch of the panel showing precisely where the insertion is located is all we need.

8. Do you require additional cnc cutting? Eg doors and windows

9. Skin details – any preferred thickness (1.6 or 2.0 mm)

Once you have a rough idea of what your panel kit should consist of – ie items 1-5 – please send it to us here

and DIY Caravans will contact you to discuss the options available for your project. We will also discuss the other items 6-9 so that we can provide a detailed quotation if required.