How to buy a DIY Composite Panel Kit

Your composite panel kit can be as complex or as simple as you like. Our Learning Centre provides all the information to enable the customer to work out what they require in their design. Simply send the details to us in the process described below. Your drawings will go to the production team of the panel Manufacturer, and that is the panel kit that will be made for you. So to help you to know what’s available and how to get the best design we recommend you follow these steps and use the information detailed below.

Step 1 – Select your Panel Kit supplier – Kit A, Kit B or Kit C based on the type of panel you require and/or the location for convenience

  • Each manufacturer is based in a different State
    • Kit A is made in SE Queensland – 1 hour from Brisbane
    • Kit B is made in Melbourne, Victoria
    • Kit C is made in Northern NSW
  • Each Panel Kit uses a different set of components and manufacturing process
    • Kit A uses perforated pvc cores with hand laid skins and vacuum bag tecnique
    • Kit B uses Extruded polystyrene cores with Brianza GRP skins and the Hot Melt process
    • Kit C uses Extruded polystyrene cores with Lamilux skins and the vacuum bag technique
  • Each Panel Kit has a different price structure and its own set of options available for your panels. See each product page for details.
  • Lead times vary typically from 6-8 weeks depending on your choice
  • For a guide price simply multiply the per m2 price on the product page by the total m2 of your panel kit. If you want insertions and profile cutting these will be extra
  • Your choice of manufacturer may be determined by the location as much as the type of panel since DIY customers tend to collect their panel kit as detailed here

Step 2 – Design your Composite Panel Kit – click for more info

  • You will need to choose all the details that will define your unique composite panel kit – such as the
    • Number of panels,
    • Size and shape of each panel,
    • Any panel Insertions,
    • Profile Cutting and
    • Gel Coat options

Step 3 – Consider in more detail what to include in my Composite Panel Kit

  • Each customer’s ideas are different and whilst we recommend keeping your panel kit as simple as possible, there are ways of enhancing the shape of your project, providing cable ducting to keys areas and adding strength where you propose to cut a large hole in a composite panel or put an AC unit on the roof.

Step 4 – Click here to Request a Quote for ‘My Composite Panel kit’

  • Now you have worked out the details it’s time to email the info to in the format below to get the quickest response and avoid any confusion
    • Complete the ‘Panel Summary Table’
    • Drawings for each panel should be as a pdf file

Customers who buy composite panel kits or Cruisemaster Suspension Kits are eligible for significant VIP discounts off web pricing of other products.