Gas Compliance and Outdoor Kitchens

The safety of Gas as a fuel for cooking and heating in Caravans and Motor-homes has hit the headlines recently with one Australian manufacturer having to recall some of its appliances. Anyone considering using any gas appliance should make them selves aware of the Regulations and ensure they are followed by their Certified Gas Installer.

Many RV’s today include some degree of ‘Outdoor Living’ – often with a slide-out kitchen or similiar set-up.

Resources Safety and Health Queensland have recently released the documents below to help customers keep up with the changes. There is also a link to the page ‘Gas Systems in Caravans and RVs’ for more general info. If you are building a project in another State check out their Government website for information.

Document 1 – Gas Systems in Caravans and RVs

Document 2 – Compliance guide – Ventilation

Document 3 – Compliance Guide – Stowed Appliance Slide Out Kitchen

Credit for the information in this article must go to the Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Queensland (CTIAQ) Dated August 2022

Disclaimer: This article was provided to help customers with compliance and was correct as at time or writing – Aug 2022. Customers MUST make themselves aware of the relevant Regulations and Standards as at their build date and ensure they comply with them.