What are the benefits of using DIY composite panels?

A revolution is underway in the caravan industry regarding the way the shells are built and attached to the chassis. The benefits are normally only available to regular manufacturers – but now DIY Caravans can make these latest developments available to all DIY customers.

In addition, DIY can offer customers a choice of several different composite panel kits from high quality Australian companies from Victoria to Queensland.

The benefits to the DIY builder are huge:

  1. It’s easy.
    •  Simply design your panel kit to fit neatly on your chassis or frame… and use adhesive to attach the parts to each other
  2. It’s quick.
    • No more timber or aluminium frames and cladding the exterior and the interior with sheeting that leaks. Each composite panel is the whole wall – completely finished
  3. It’s strong.
    • Composite panels are phenomenally strong compared to other materials
    • Use the DIY Panel Joiner system to create a monocoque structure of unbelievable strength
  4. It’s light.
    • At approx. 7kgs per m2 your van will weigh significantly less – with easier towing and saving you fuel every time
  5. Excellent thermal efficiency.
    • In winter it will keep you warm and in summer it will keep you cool. Saving energy and improving your comfort levels
    • And the same applies to sound insulation too
  6. No more leaks.
    • Attaching panels to each other is easy and it will NOT leak
  7. No more rots and decay
    • Composite Panel materials and floor products are impervious to water so they will not decay
    • Longer lifespan and will hold its value much better
  8. No more hail damage
    • Excellent impact resistance of all wall and roof panels
  9. Better visual appearance
    • High gloss smooth wall finishes – for a very sleek look
    • Reduced fading due to UV light
    • Excellent scratch resistance
    • Easy to clean

Don’t delay. Contact DIY Caravans to price a Composite Panel kit for your project.