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Sometimes the hardest part to starting a new project is knowing that you might not have the skills, or the information available to address each and every issue you encounter along the way.

But if you have all the instructions handy, it can make your decision a lot easier. So at DIY we aim to please, and have put together a comprehensive list of “How To’s” that will help you jump through all the hoops you might find in your chosen caravan or RV build.

Let us guide you through the steps and give you the confidence to carry out your build without major issues. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge BEFORE you start. Once you have ordered parts etc it may be very difficult to make changes – spending time at the beginning getting the design right will pay dividends!

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Some examples of the information you will find in here:

  • How to establish the order of assembly for a caravan panel kit
  • How to schedule your RV or caravan build
  • How to build a shell using DIY panel joiners
  • How to handle and store composite panels
  • How to use construction adhesive to install panels
  • How to prepare a composite panel for installation
  • How to install a composite panel kit to build a shell
  • How to clean the RV exterior

Assembling a composite panel kit to build a caravan shell

The order of installation of each panel may vary depending on your project type. It is important to attach the panel joiners correctly to each panel to ensure all components fit together properly. Work through each of the following steps of your project on paper first to ensure it will go together smoothly. Remember to follow these steps required in…

Cleaning the RV or caravan exterior

Another feature of the DIY Composite Panels is their high quality marine grade gel-coat finish. Since the panels are all 'hand-laid' they are constructed with a pure gel-coat product from a 200 ltr drum , rather than a large roll of imported skin. As a result with a little effort, you can maintain your DIY product in 'as new' condition.…

Preparing composite panels for assembly with construction adhesive

Preparation and application of adhesive DIY recommends using a specialist structural adhesive for attaching the structural components of your shell. In our experience this is akin to 'welding' the parts together and means we only get one chance! Note the adhesive will only be as strong as the surface it is applied to. Mill finish or powder coated aluminium, galvanised…

Handling and storing composite panels?

Our Composite Panels are 'made to order' and will still be curing when you receive them. There are a few important points to follow to ensure they remain in pristine condition when you have finally assembled your caravan. Handling Composite Panels should never be dragged on edge as delamination can occur due to excessive force tearing the laminate away from…

How DIY joins the composite panels together

DIY has designed 3 unique panel joiners to attach the composite panels to each other and to the chassis or frame of your project. So in addition to the superior strength characteristics of the Composite Panels themselves, our panel joiners are used to create a 'monocoque structure' such that the shell shares the 'loads' and becomes an extension of the…

Creating a plan for the assembly of your panel kit

A good start is to create a plan or schedule for your build so you identify the steps involved and the order in which they are best carried out. Most projects have a 'natural' order of assembly. DIY Tip - Before installing final wall panel ensure any large items you require are inside eg walk in shower cubicle. Also the…