Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Airbag – Coil Upgrade

From: $2,987.98 inc. GST

Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Airbag – Coil Upgrade, to convert from Coil to Air on XT Suspension.

Enhance your suspension for better performance and comfort.

Kit include:

  • Airbag with fasteners
    • 2 x Airbag Single Axle
    • 4 x Airbag Tandem Axle
  • New swing arms
  • Level 1 Air Control Kit
  • Air Control Kit

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Upgrade your Cruisemaster XT suspension from Coil to Air with the XT Airbag kit.

If you have an XT Coil System and the Coil mount is welded to the chassis (i.e. you do not have the bolt-on coil bracket) you need to cut the Coil mount off the chassis and weld the Airbag mount on.


When converting from XT Coil to Air, the parts required are:

  • New swing arms
  • Airbag mounts for chassis
  • Level 1 Air Control Kit (base level fittings & line)
  • Level 3 Air Control Kit with a tank, compressor, and panel. For auto-leveling, choose the Level 4 Air Control Kit.


To quote the parts of the Cruisemaster XT Freestyle Airbag – Coil Upgrade, we will need to know:

  • ATM Rating
  • Brake type and size
  • The chassis to face dimension of the trailing arms,
  • Colour


Note – If starting out – bolt-on Coil brackets are available for the XT Suspension so you can start with coils – and upgrade later without any welding!



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Additional information

ATM Rating

Single 1200 Kgs, Single 1600 Kgs, Single 2200 Kgs, Single 2600 Kgs, Single 2800 Kgs, Tandem 2200 Kgs, Tandem 2900 Kgs, Tandem 3300 Kgs, Tandem 3700 Kgs, Tandem 4100 Kgs, Tandem 4500 Kgs

Brake Type

Drum – 10in CM A/T Electric Brakes, Drum – 12in CM A/T Electric Brakes, Drum – 12in CM ABS Enables A/T Electric Brakes, Disc – Ventilated Hydraulic Brakes

Chassis to Face dimension

175mm, 180mm, 185mm, 190mm, 195mm, 200mm, 210mm, 220mm, 230mm, 240mm, 250mm, 260mm

Trailing Arm Finish (Colour)

Raw Arms (Unpainted), RED (Economy), Black (Economy), Orange (Premium), Signal Red (Premium), Blaze Blue (Premium), Space Blue (Premium), Toxic Green (Premium), Mistletoe Green (Premium), Night Sky Black (Premium)

Which Air Control Kit you want?

Level 3 (Manual), Level 3 (Wireless), Level 4 (Auto)

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