Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled

DIY Guide – Cruisemaster ABS Enabled Suspension Systems

Discover Cruisemaster’s advanced range of suspension systems, now fully compatible with Bosch TSC ABS/ESC Systems.

Cruisemaster offers two variants of their suspension systems: ABS Enabled and ABS Compatible.

ABS Enabled Suspension Systems

Cruisemaster’s ABS Enabled systems are designed specifically for 10″ and 12″ Electric Drum Brake setups, optimized for seamless integration with Bosch TSC technology. These systems include all necessary brake/arm hardware, ensuring your caravan or trailer is ready to connect to a Bosch TSC system.

ABS Compatible Suspension Systems

For those looking to upgrade, Cruisemaster’s ABS Compatible systems feature an ABS ready arm, drum, and backing plate. Please note, additional components such as the wheel speed sensor are required to complete integration with an ABS control system.

Why Choose ABS (Antilock Braking)?

ABS has been a mandatory safety feature in passenger vehicles for over two decades, significantly reducing the risk of accidents by maintaining control during braking. Using advanced wheel speed sensors, ABS monitors each wheel’s movement up to 1000 times per second, applying precise braking force as needed.

Benefits of ABS Systems for Towing

  • Minimizes risks of jack-knifing, skidding, and trailer sway during emergency braking.
  • Enhances braking performance with increased brake outputs.
  • Improves control during evasive maneuvers on the road.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Lane Change (Swerve Control)
  • Trailer Sway Mitigation
  • Bluetooth Odometer & Brake Fault Diagnostics (Exclusive to Bosch TSC)

The Cruisemaster ABS Enabled Difference

Cruisemaster sets itself apart with premium automotive-grade ABS hardware, ensuring superior performance and reliability compared to other systems on the market.

Collaboration with Bosch

Cruisemaster ABS Enabled systems are developed in partnership with Bosch TSC, backed by rigorous testing and support from the Bosch team.

Here you find the Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC):

Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled

About Cruisemaster ABS Enabled Hardware

Cruisemaster utilizes state-of-the-art automotive-grade ABS hardware, offering durability and optimal functionality in every system.

For all new builds featuring electric drum brakes, Cruisemaster ensures ABS compatibility by standardizing ABS Compatible configurations. This includes a unique weld ring, ABS-compatible Electric Backing Plate, and drum assembly. Additional hardware is available for integration with ABS systems, maintaining ease of use without requiring modifications to supplied components.

Bosch Trailer Safety Control (TSC) ABS Enabled Drum 2

Key Components Explained

  • Brake Drum: Essential for heat dissipation and wear resistance in electric brake assemblies.
  • Tone Ring: Provides critical speed-related data to the ABS system, ensuring accurate wheel speed monitoring.
  • Positioner: Maintains consistent sensor alignment with the tone wheel, optimizing sensor performance.
  • Wheel Speed Sensor: Detects wheel speed changes via the tone ring, converting them into digital signals for ABS control.
  • Electric Brake Backing Plate Assembly: Compatible with all current-generation Cruisemaster systems, ensuring reliable braking performance.
  • Adaptor Flylead: Facilitates secure connection of ABS wheel speed sensors to the main wiring harness.
  • Weld Ring: Standard in current-generation Cruisemaster stub axles, providing necessary spacing for seamless brake assembly integration with suspension arms.

Explore the enhanced safety and performance benefits of Cruisemaster ABS Enabled suspension systems. Upgrade your towing experience with confidence and ensure your journeys are safe and stress-free.

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