Cruismaster Suspension – Colour Options

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Cruismaster Suspension – Colour Arm Finish Options

  • RAW (Available on XTFREESTYLE & CRS= Only) Arms are supplied as uncoated steel bypassing the sandblasting and powder coating processes.
  • ECONOMY (Available on XTFREESTYLE & CRS- Only) Arms are sandblasted, finish coat of ‘black’ or ‘red’ powder coat applied and arms cured through oven.
  • PREMIUM (Available on ATX, XTFREESTYLE & CRS2) Arms are sandblasted, coated in a zinc primer powder coat and cured, then finished in a choice of coloured powder coat options and again cured through the oven.

Our premium powder coat option offers superior corrosion protection.

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Suspension Colours (Powder Coat) Options

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Cruismaster Suspension – Colour Options includes sand blast, Corro-Zinc pre-coat application then top coat

Standard powder coat includes basis preparation and top coat

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