Panel Insertion – Pultrusion 50×25 mm

This pultrusion can be inserted within the core of a 29mm composite panel to add extra strength whilst also providing access for electric cables.

Pultrusions are usually installed

  • ‘across’ the panel so you can see both ends clearly
  • each side of the AC hole in a composite roof panel
  • when you want to avoid a ‘cold bridge’ re condensation



DIY Caravans recommends using this pultrusion

  • to support AC units on a 29mm composite roof panel
  • in the ‘overhang’ of the wall panels in a slide-on camper product
  • on the hinge side of the entrance door hole in the LHS wall panel
  • where you require cables to run inside the panel

Please note the insertion middle ‘rib’ may or may not be present subject to availability

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