Fixtech MSP 190 Slow

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Fixtech MSP190 is the ideal adhesive for most DIY shell applications

Applied correctly it has phenomenal strength characteristics

With its longer ‘dry time’ it is well suited to large panels and items where you need more time to apply, install and clean up

Click here to read practical tips regarding how to apply Fixtech adhesive

Only available in 600ml sausage

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Fixtech MSP190 is the ultimate high strength, one-component adhesive sealant based on a Modified Polymer for structural bonding and sealing. The product cures into a very strong but flexible rubber, with excellent adhesion to many marine substrates such as; timber, fibreglass, carbon fibre, epoxy coated products, glass, ceramic, aluminium, all stainless steels, copper, rough and treated metals, and most plastics (consult our technical department). See Tech Data Sheet for info.


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