Cruisemaster ATX Airbag with fasteners – Coil Upgrade

$2,549.07$5,367.86 inc. GST

Cruisemaster ATX Airbag with fasteners – Coil Upgrade, to convert from coil to Air on ATX Suspension.

Kit include:

  • Airbag with fasteners (44V)
    • 2 x Airbag Single Axle
    • 4 x Airbag Tandem Axle
  • Level 1 Air Control Kit
  • Air Control Kit

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Upgrade your Cruisemaster ATX suspension from coil to air with the ATX Airbag and fasteners kit.

The kit includes the airbag with fasteners (44V), the Level 1 Air Control Kit with lines and fittings, and the Level 3 Air Control Kit with a tank, compressor, and panel. For auto-leveling, choose the Level 4 Air Control Kit.

Enhance your suspension for better performance and comfort.




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Additional information

Airbag Kit

Single Axle, Tandem Axle

Air Control Kit

Level 3 (Manual), Level 3 (Wireless), Level 4 (Auto)

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