How to plan the assembly of your panel kit

A good start is to create a plan or schedule for your build so you identify the steps involved and the order in which they are best carried out. Most projects have a ‘natural’ order of assembly.
DIY Tip – Before installing final wall panel ensure any large items you require are inside eg walk in shower cubicle.

Also the build process flows better if you prepare a composite panel one day and then let the adhesive cure overnight before installing it the following morning or later.

Click here to see how to prepare composite panels for assembly.

Once each panel has been installed aim to leave the shell alone for the rest of the day so the adhesive sets with panels etc clamped in the correct location.

A typical schedule for a small caravan shell is:

composite-wall-installStep 1: Prepare chassis

Step 2: Prepare LHS wall panel

Step 3: Install LHS wall panel and prepare RHS wall panel

Step 4: Install RHS wall and prepare floor panel

Step 5: Install floor panel and prepare roof panel

Step 6: Install roof panel and prepare front panel and rear wall panel

Step 7: Install front and rear walls