What is the NSW requirement for trailer break-away systems?

The NSW RTA has had in the past specific requirements for the break-away brake systems on caravan and trailers with a GTM rating over 2.0 tonne. Prior to 2017 you were required to have a device to inform the driver (while in the normal seating position) of the charge-condition of the battery in the caravan/trailer, so as to provide a warning if the battery may be unable to activate the break-away brake system for the required 15 minutes. Following the Road Transport Regulation 2017 there is no longer a requirement under NSW law for a brake-away system to be powered by its own battery or for a dedicated brake battery monitoring device to be fitted – although it is still highly recommended. Disclaimer: This article was provided to help customers with compliance and was correct as at time or writing . Customers MUST make themselves aware of the relevant Regulations and Standards as at their build date and ensure they comply with them.