Why DIY Caravans is the best place to buy your Composite Panel kit.

The focus of DIY Caravans is to supply the best products for your project at the best prices.

DIY Caravans has specialist suppliers of Composite Panel kits in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA giving you a range of choices in the ways panels are manufactured, the price and location.

  1. Choice – When it comes to Composite Panels we supply a range of different types of Panel so you can choose which one suits your project best. Click here to read about the different Types of panel A, B and C that we can offer.
  2. Price – our customers can take advantage of the huge buying power of DIY Caravans and our web-based business model to ensure that you get an unbeatable deal!
  3. Quality – All our Panel manufacturers use only high quality European components and manufacture the panels at their factory in Australia. They also supply most of the high end Caravan manufacturers in the industry.
  4. Warranty – Our composite panels are manufactured by genuine Australian businesses who will stand by the product with a genuine warranty.
  5. Sample kit – let us know which specific composite panel and panel joiner products you are interested in and we can post a sample kit to you so you can see exactly what they are.
  6. The Design detail – all Composite Panels are made to order and each one needs to be designed so it is right for your specific application. This involves
    • the exact size
    • the choice and locations of any insertions to be put inside the panel
    • details of any profile cnc cutting – eg for doors and windows
    • Click here to see the details DIY needs to be able to provide a quote for your panel kit
  7. Experience – DIY Caravans has many years experience in RV manufacturing and has worked with our Panel suppliers to evolve the range of products available
  8. Convenience – Composite Panel kits are usually large and cumbersome and need to be handled carefully. We encourage our customers to collect their panel kit from the factory when it is ready – allowing you to meet the business that made it and making sure you get it home in perfect condition
  9. One-stop-shop Discount – DIY Caravans supplies parts and components from all major suppliers in Australia. When you purchase a Panel Kit from DIY Caravans enjoy an additional discount off web pricing on other orders over $1000. DIY Caravans will not be beaten on price.

Customer hired a Budget truck to collect his panels