How to request a Quote for ‘My Composite Panel kit’

Once you have calculated a guide price for your Composite Panel Kit by following the steps detailed here and you are ready to proceed to the next step, DIY Caravans will be pleased to quote for your Panel Kit if you can supply us with as much of the information detailed below as possible. We will go through the details with you to ensure your panels are the best designs for your project.

At DIY Caravans, we encourage our clients to understand every little detail of their design before they go ahead – after all it is you who are building it and the goal is that each panel is designed specifically for its purpose. The process of supplying all the details for each individual panel helps ensure you have the detail correct. As an example, how you choose to join the panels together will affect the individual panel dimensions.

Please follow the steps below to provide the info we will require:

  1. Complete your Panel Summary Table similiar to the example below

In addition to the dimensions for each panel we are now interested in more details as listed below. Please include in the table where you require these design features in a panel.

a. Panel Thickness – our most popular panels are approx 29mm or 29.5mm or you may require a different thickness. If you are using the DIY Panel Joiner system please let us know in your summary table. For the floor panel the thickness required will depend on the spacing between your chassis cross members

b. Insertions – DIY can offer a large range of panel insertions – usually for adding extra strength (such as aluminium or pultrusions) or conduits for running cables. Insertions are recommended if you are installing a roof-mounted AC unit and on the hinge side of the entrance door. Also consider them if you are installing a large DIY Locker Door in one of the panels.

c. Profile Cutting – Our prices include the cutting of the panel perimeter with the cnc machine. However you may require profile cutting such as for rebates or installing the entrance door and windows.

d. Skins – The type of skin will depend on the Panel type you choose (normally 1.6 or 2.0mm) and Gloss White is standard. If you require coloured or thicker skins please include detail in the table

2. Drawings or Sketches

In addition to the table above, please supply a drawing of each panel. DIY Caravans can work with sketches and CAD drawings (best initially sent as a pdf) – as long as they have ALL the information marked clearly which will include:

a. The Panel number and Name

b. Dimensions in mm

c. Details of Insertions and Cutting requirements

d. Skin details eg colour

e. Specify if the view we are looking at is the External or Internal skin

Where you are unsure or unable to choose, simply leave it blank and let us know what you are unsure about. There are many options and it may be confusing. DIY Caravans help clarify these areas and ensure you have the best designed panel kit for your project.

With your summary table and sketches ready, please Click here to send us all the information you have and we will get back to you to discuss your panel kit details and provide a quote for your project.