How to request a Quote for ‘My Composite Panel kit’

By now your project design should be fairly well advanced and you will most likely have completed the following tasks:

  1. Drawn sketches of your DIY project specifying the shape and size you are going to build
  2. Developed a detailed floor-plan so you know you can get all the key items you require inside
  3. Created a ‘Bill of Materials’ for the project – this lists all the main parts and components you intend to buy so you can check it is in line with your cost budget
  4. As part of the Bill of Materials you will need to use the size of each composite panel to work out the total size of the panel kit in m2. Multiply this by the cost per m2 (as on the Panel Kit product pages listed below) and you have a good estimate of the cost of the panel kit for your project.

DIY Caravans is pleased to be able to offer a range of 3 different Panel Kits and you will need to choose which one is most suitable for your project in order to get a quote.

Panel Kits are made in different States, each is available with its own range of options and Panel Insertions and they have different price structures. Click on the links below to see which of Kits A, B or C is most suitable for your project.

DIY Caravans will be pleased to quote for your Panel Kit if you can supply us with the necessary information.

Please follow the steps below :

  1. Complete your ‘My DIY Panels Summary’ Table

You may not know all the details at this stage, but please complete the form as well as possible and one of the DIY Caravans team will get in touch to discuss the best options.

2. Include a drawing for every panel

Before you can make a drawing of each panel you need to ‘create a design for each panel’ – please click here for the steps to help with this.

The drawings are ideally sent as pdf files and should show all the relevant info for EACH panel and this should include:

  • Panel Number and Panel name – as in the Summary table
  • Is the view of the Internal or External skin?
  • Show the maximum width and maximum length of the panel in mm.
  • Detail the shape of the panel with all dimensions (mm) and relevant angles or radius if you have a specific shape
  • Details of any insertions available for this panel kit and where they are located in the panel
  • Details of any profile cutting required – such as entrance door, locker doors, windows etc
  • Details of any special skin options you would like

These drawings will be used by Production for the manufacture of the panels so they need to include the necessary detail.

See example drawing below

3. A word about Floor panels

Many customers include a one-piece floor panel in the Panel Kit Summary table and there are a range of different floor products available. We will try and supply the floor panel from the same location (or even supplier) so all the panels can be collected together.

It is imperative that the floor panel is suitable for your largest cross member spacing and the type of load it is expected to support- so please specify this with your information. DIY Caravans recommends using a thicker floor product if you are in any doubt.


With your summary table and drawings completed, please Click here to send us all the information .

DIY Caravans goal is to supply the best panel kit for your project at the best price available. We will get back to you to discuss your panel kit details and go through any options so we can provide an unbeatable quote for your project.