Internal walls and building rooms inside your caravan

Once you have your shell designed you may wish to divide up the internal space. DIY Caravans supply an Internal Wall panel ideally suited for this. With the same perforated core design it is ideal for building :

  • Shower room
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Toilet or simply a
  • full height bulkhead

For example a panel can be used to form the wall to a shower cubicle – see pic below – such that access to the shower mixer valve is accessible inside a cabinet such as a wardrobe. Use of the Internal Angle Trim and Internal Wall Channel creates a very neat and strong finish.

The internal space can even be divided into separate rooms as these pictures of a caravan shows where the en-suite and bedroom were totally separate. Using the Internal Wall Channel to ‘frame’ doors allow standard door hinges and handles to be used.