Shilla Diesel Water Heater

$1,375.00 inc. GST

The Shilla Diesel Water heater will provide years of trouble free hot water for your caravan or RV.

  • This product is diesel only- it is also available with 240 volt option
  • Fully stainless so does not require anode – including stainless 240v element
  • Cost of heating water with diesel much cheaper than gas
  • Designed to replace most gas hot water units eg Suburban, Swift
  • Thermostatic control keeps water at 60 degrees
  • More reliable design due to no water pump required (see below)
  • Simply fill diesel tank when you fill your vehicle with fuel
  • Dedicated fuel tank available
  • Easy to Install – no gas licence required

Product Documents

Shilla Water Heater


Technical Info:

  • Plumbing connections are suitable for John Guest fittings
  • Fuel Usage-                        Approx 140mL per Hr
  • Cost To Run-                      At 40hrs average running time will cost approx $8 a week
  • Time to heat water           Approx 22 Minutes
  • Tank Capacity                    22 litres
  • Power Consumption       1.2 amps to 2.2 amps
  • Weight                                18 kgs
  • Dimensions                      45 × 45 × 45 cm
  • Current draw on 240V    approx.* amps

More Product Details

  • Operates similar to Suburban and Swift gas water heaters – there is no control panel – the unit heats the water to 60 degrees Celsius and has a thermostat on the tank to switch unit off/on to keep the water at this temperature
  • Unlike other diesel hot water units on the market the Shilla hot water unit does not have a water pump that continually runs, pumping hot water heated by the diesel furnace, through coiled pipes in a holding tank thus heating the water, the Shilla hot water unit heats the water directly from the diesel furnace and does not require a water pump so is much more reliable, much cheaper to run & heats the water twice as fast as other diesel hot water units on the market


  • Australia wide shipping available

About Our Supplier

  • A leading Australian heaters supplier located in Victoria
  • Has been in the diesel heating industry for over 10 years

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