Shilla Combination Water Heater (Diesel & 240v)

$1,430.00 inc. GST

The Shilla Combination Water heater will provide years of trouble free hot water for your caravan or RV.

  • Works on both diesel and 240v electric
  • Fully stainless so does not require anode – including stainless 240v element
  • Cost of heating water with diesel much cheaper than gas
  • Designed to replace most gas hot water units eg Suburban, Swift
  • More reliable design due to no water pump required (see below)
  • Thermostatic control keeps water at 60 degrees
  • Simply fill diesel tank when you fill your vehicle with fuel
  • Dedicated fuel tank available
  • Comes with a 240 volt lead
  • Easy to Install – no gas licence required

Product Documents

Shilla Water Heater


Technical Info:

  • Plumbing connections are suitable for John Guest fittings
  • Fuel Usage-                        Approx 140mL per Hr
  • Cost To Run-                      At 40hrs average running time will cost approx $8 a week
  • Time to heat water           Approx 22 Minutes
  • Power Consumption       1.2 amps to 2.2 amps
  • Tank Capacity                    22 litres
  • Weight                                18 kgs
  • Dimensions                      45 × 45 × 45 cm

More Product Details

  • Operates similar to Suburban and Swift gas water heaters – there is no control panel – the unit heats the water to 60 degrees Celsius and has a thermostat on the tank to switch unit off/on to keep the water at this temperature
  • Unlike other diesel hot water units on the market the Shilla hot water unit does not have a water pump that continually runs, pumping hot water heated by the diesel furnace, through coiled pipes in a holding tank thus heating the water, the Shilla hot water unit heats the water directly from the diesel furnace and does not require a water pump so is much more reliable, much cheaper to run & heats the water twice as fast as other diesel hot water units on the market
  • This diesel hot water unit works on both electrical and diesel, the hot water unit comes with a 10amp 240v lead attached, when plugged into a power outlet and switched on it has a 8amp current draw and will over-ride the operation of the diesel burner giving you 22 litres of hot water. When there is no power available simply switch the diesel heating control switch to the on position to operate the water heater in diesel mode.


  • Australia wide shipping available

About Our Supplier

  • A leading Australian heaters supplier located in Victoria
  • Has been in the diesel heating industry for over 10 years

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