Telair Ice S2800 AC unit

$2,073.50 inc. GST

The Telair ICE S 2800 is the perfect solution for heating and cooling on your holidays.

  • Suits small-medium vehicles (4m – 7m)
  • Aerodynamic roof-mounted air conditioner
  • Modern diffuser with display takes little room in vehicle
  • Efficient and silent system for distributing cold or hot air that can reach any part of the vehicle
  • Low noise levels both inside and outside
  • Remote control with timer and LED included
  • Australia wide shipping available


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Technical Info:

  • Power supply 230v – 50Hz sinusoidal
  • Max current consumption – 4.8Amp/hr
  • Peak current – 18A (0.15 sec)
  • Cooling power consumption – 990 Watt
  • Heating power consumption – 950 Watt
  • Compressor soft start – 72ms
  • Cooling capacity – 2500 Watt
  • Heating capacity – 2450 Watt
  • Operating temperature – 0–48℃
  • Temperature adjustment range – 16–31℃
  • Internal fan speed number – 3
  • Max internal air flow – 450 m³/h
  • Type / quantity of coolant gas – R407C / 480g
  • Waterproof rating IP – IP X4
  • Generator required – 2200 Watt
  • Dimensions – 98 x 65 x 23.9 cm
  • Diffuser dimensions – 45 x 45 x 4.2 cm
  • Roof cut out dimensions – 36 x 36 cm
  • Weight – 36kg

More Product Details

  • Recommended vehicle size: 13-22ft or 4-7m
  • Suitable for roofs 30–70mm thick
  • Diffuser is only 4.2cm thick giving it the modern, sleek look
  • Diffuser includes an LED display indicating room temperature
  • Additional LED light strips provide soft, ambient lighting inside your vehicle
  • Includes an infrared remote control with large display as well as timer function to turn on or off
  • Heat Pump – High-efficiency heat pump supplies double the heating power for the power supplied. Effective for outside temperatures down to 0℃. Please note below this temperature the efficiency is greatly reduced
  • Automatic Control – By activating the Auto function the air conditioner selects the most suitable ventilation speed and the cool/heat function automatically
  • Remote Control – Remote control with programmable timer includes LED display that shows all functions and room temperature
  • Anti-Freeze Protection Probes – Protects your air conditioner from freezing over
  • Internal Filters – Easily changed and removed for washing

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