Shilla Diesel Cooktop

$1,125.00 inc. GST

The Shilla diesel cook top is ideal for your caravan, RV, Boat or other kitchen area.

  • Very economic as it uses very little diesel
  • Very safe as no naked flames and no gas
  • Attractive Ceramic cooking surfaces
  • Exhaust gases are expelled outside
  • Full 2 year manufacturers Warranty
  • Dedicated fuel tank available
  • Easy to Install

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Technical Info:

  • Power:                                         900-2200 W 3000-8000 BTU
  • Operating voltage:                    12 V
  • Electricity consumption:         0.55-0.85 A (+ stove included)
  • Fuel Consumption (ml/h)       110-264
  • Power Consumption                0.55 to 0.85Amps
  • Standby Consumption              1mA
  • Short Term Max Power            8 to 10 Amps
  • Working Environment            -25 to 35 deg C
  • Number Of Burners                 1

More Product Details

  • The heat source for this cooker is a diesel burner which is integrated into the cooker. The burner heats a ceramic cooking surface which has room for two small pots or saucepans. With only the tinted glass ceramic cooking surface being visible it makes the SHILLA diesel cooker visually appealing , also with no control knobs mounted on the cooker it makes it a breeze to clean. With no gas flame or gas required to run this diesel cook top it makes it a very safe option for all RVs


  • Australia wide shipping available

About Our Supplier

  • A leading Australian heaters supplier located in Victoria
  • Has been in the diesel heating industry for over 10 years

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