Pop-top Canopy Lifter – 700

$184.06 inc. GST

Robust canopy lifters designed for pop-top roof designs with a low lift height requirement

  • Spring loaded scissor-type canopy lifter
  • This canopy lifter is suitable for small pop-top roofs
  • Spring tension standard
  • Allows for roof lift up to 550mm
  • Length of lifter – 700mm
  • Available in silver

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Pop Top Lifter


Technical Info:

  • DIY recommend only allowing the canopy lifter to extend to 70-80% of their height – this will ensure the canopy is kept tight and make it easier to pull the canopy down. To close the lifter when it is fully extended requires a lot of force.
  • When replacing, it is best to replace opposite lifters at the same time, to prevent undue stress which will bend the arms
  • Your pop-top may require 2 or 4 lifters depending on the maximum roof weight it needs to lift. Install the lifters as pairs on opposite sides of the pop-top roof
  • Each lifter is designed to lift up to 30kgs
  • Each Lifter weighs 3 kgs
  • Fixing points are present in horizontal and vertical surfaces for ease of installation
  • This avoids the need for gas struts which are tricky to install to give a balanced lift

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Freight & Order Info:

  • This product will ship direct from our Supplier in Qld, Vic or WA depending on your location
  • There is a minimum order of 2 items of this product

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