Panel Joiner DIY Wall 29-29

$166.69 inc. GST

The DIY Wall 29-29 panel joiner is designed to join two 29mm panels together.

Can be used for both the rear wall and roof situations, the joiners form part of the ‘monocoque’ construction responsible for the immense strength.

Price is for a 6.5m length

Available for collection : Melbourne, Vic (White), SE Queensland (White), Perth (Mill finish)

For the dxf file for this product please Contact Us here and we will email it to you

Technical Drawing


Key features:

  • Sturdy Aluminium extrusion
  • Powder coated white
  • Available in lengths of 6.5 m
  • Lightweight – mass 1.8 kgs per m
  • For joining two 29mm panels together
  • Provides sturdy fixing point both inside and outside the van
  • Designed with nibs to ‘manage’ 1mm deep glue layer
  • Designed with stops to ensure precise assembly of panels

Technical Info:

  • The distance between the ‘nibs’ is 29mm. If you select 1.9mm or 2.0mm skins your panel width is 29.5mm so you will need to sand the panel edge and/or remove a nib prior to installation