ATRV Eurovision Windows – Inner Frames

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The standard Eurovision and Eurovision 2 windows have frames to suit wall thicknesses of 24 to 33 mm. If you have thicker walls you will also require the ATRV Eurovision Windows – Inner Frames detailed here

  • Medium frames suits wall thicknesses 34-44 mm
  • Large frames suit wall thicknesses 44-54 mm
  • Most window sizes available
  • Available in Black only

Please Note: This product is only available when purchasing the matching Eurovision window



The standard Eurovision and Eurovision 2 windows come with frames designed to fit wall thicknesses ranging from 24 to 33 mm. However, if your walls are thicker than this range, you’ll need additional inner frames. These ATRV Eurovision Windows – Inner Frames come in two sizes:

  1. Medium frames: These are suitable for wall thicknesses ranging from 34 to 44 mm. They provide a secure fit for thicker walls and ensure proper insulation.
  2. Large frames: Designed for wall thicknesses between 44 to 54 mm, these frames offer even greater compatibility with thicker walls, providing stability and insulation.

These inner frames are available for most window sizes and come in a sleek black finish. While the standard frames cover a wide range of wall thicknesses, the availability of medium and large frames ensures that Eurovision windows can accommodate various wall thicknesses, offering versatility and flexibility in installation. Whether you have standard walls or thicker ones, Eurovision windows provide a solution to meet your needs, maintaining the integrity of your caravan or motorhome while enhancing its aesthetics.


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Additional information

Window Size

300H500W, 300H700W, 450H500W, 450H610W, 450H900W, 450H1100W, 500H450W, 500H900W, 500H1200W, 550H700W, 550H900W, 550H1100W, 550H1450W, 800H1000W, 800H1200W, 900H900W, 1000H800W

Wall Thickness

34-44 mm, 44-54 mm