Thermo-Lite Tough Composite Boards

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Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and toughness

  • Ideal choice in floor situations to replace timber
  • Lightweight – 30% lighter than marine ply
  • marine product – extremely durable and stable – built for lifetime performance
  • available in 13mm, 17mm and 25mm thickness
  • available in 1220mm x 2440mm sheets
  • available in a limited range of Surface Options (please specify)
  • Non-absorbent – lifetime rot-free guarantee
  • Australia wide shipping available

Technical Info



Key Features:

  • sanded finish provides an excellent bonding surface for adhesives
  • has good impact strength
  • good sound and thermal insulation
  • resistant to contamination and high temperatures
  • resistant to mould and fungus
  • Self extinguishing (when heat source removed)
  • Can be painted, coated or laminated
  • Easy to work with standard tools

Suitable applications include cabinetry and shelving, bulkheads and ceilings, marine and RV and caravan flooring, most situations where timber is being replaced.

Available in a range of Surface Options:  (see images)

  1. Elephant – Tough looking texture ideal for the underside of floors
  2. Natural –  Normal surface without texture – ideal as roadside flooring finish
  3. Sanded – Smooth, flat finish ideal for accepting adhesives, resins, paints etc

For the Installer:

When using adhesives, we recommend you sand the surface to rough it up, then blow all the dust off before wiping clean with a solvent based product.

For a Board thickness 13mm – density 448Kgs per m3- approx. mass is 5.7 kgs per m2 – recommended for supports up to 450mm

For a Board thickness 17mm – density 448Kgs per m3 -approx. mass is 7.6 kgs per m2 – recommended for supports up to 600mm

For a Board thickness 25mm – density 416Kgs per m3 -approx. mass is 10.4 kgs per m2

Lifetime Performance

  • Designed to last – Lifetime Rot free guaranteed

Freight – This product can be shipped to a Business Address with a Forklift Truck

Minimum Order -4 sheets (this includes Purelite boards)

Additional information


13mm, 17mm, 25mm

Skin Finish

Sanded/Sanded, Sanded/Elephant