Thermo-Lite Tough Composite Boards

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Thermo-Lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and toughness

  • Ideal choice in floor situations to replace timber
  • Lightweight – 30% lighter than marine ply
  • marine product – extremely durable and stable – built for lifetime performance
  • available in 12.7mm, 17mm, 25mm & 38mm thickness
  • available in 1220mm x 2440mm sheets
  • available in sanded finish both sides with option of Elephant skin finish on 12.7mm boards
  • Non-absorbent – lifetime rot-free guarantee
  • Australia wide shipping available – see below

Technical Info



Key Features:

  • sanded finish provides an excellent bonding surface for adhesives, resins, compounds and paints
  • has good impact strength
  • good sound and thermal insulation
  • resistant to contamination and high temperatures
  • resistant to mould and fungus
  • Self extinguishing (when heat source removed)
  • Can be painted, coated or laminated
  • Easy to work with standard tools

Suitable applications include cabinetry and shelving, bulkheads and ceilings, marine and RV and caravan flooring, most situations where timber is being replaced.

Available in Sanded finish on both sides – Smooth, flat finish ideal for accepting adhesives, resins, paints etc

Technical Info For the Installer:

When using adhesives, we recommend you sand the surface to rough it up, then blow all the dust off before wiping clean with a solvent based product.

For a Board thickness 12.7mm – density 448Kgs per m3- approx. mass is 5.7 kgs per m2

For a Board thickness 17mm – density 448Kgs per m3 -approx. mass is 7.6 kgs per m2

For a Board thickness 25mm – density 416Kgs per m3 -approx. mass is 10.4 kgs per m2

For a Board thickness 38mm – density 416Kgs per m3 -approx. mass is 15.8 kgs per m2

Lifetime Performance

  • Designed to last – Lifetime Rot free guaranteed

Freight Info:

  • Boards will be packaged on a pallet with protective cover sheets
  • This product can be shipped to most locations
    • a Business Zone with a Forklift Truck (cheapest)
    • a Business Zone without a Forklift Truck
    • a Residential Zone with a Forklift Truck
    • a Residential Zone without a Forklift Truck (most expensive)
  • If you live in a residential area – to save freight select a local depot and you can collect from there

Minimum Order:

  • This product is subject to a minimum purchase of 4 sheets (of Thermolite or Pure-lite boards)

Do you have a question regarding this product ? Please email it to us on our Contact Form and we will be in touch.

Additional information


12.7mm Sand/Sand, 12.7mm Eleph/Sand, 17mm Sand/Sand, 25mm Sand/Sand, 38mm Sand/Sand

Ship to Address

Residential Zone with Forklift, Residential Zone no Forklift, Business Zone with Forklift, Business Zone no forklift