Freucamp Skylight Roof Hatches

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The European style of Freucamp Skylight Roof Hatches are an essential component for any Caravan or RV to ensure sufficient ventilation. The unique and high quality design of these Skylight Hatches is ideal for your Caravan or RV living area, providing comfortable air flow and perfect lighting.

  • European style high quality & design
  • Available in 3 sizes – 400×400 mm, 450×400 mm and 700×500 mm
  • Sleek white interior frame colour
  • Permanent ventilation – see below
  • LED touch sensor HALO LED light on 400×400 model
  • LED interior lights on 700 x 500 model
  • UV resistant, double glazed smoke black tinted windows on skylights
  • All models suit roof thicknesses of 25-60 mm (see below)

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Our European-style Freucamp Skylight Roof Hatches features high quality and design, available in three sizes (400×400 mm, 450×400 mm, and 700×500 mm), with a sleek white interior frame. It offers permanent ventilation, LED touch sensor HALO light on the 400×400 mm model, LED interior lights on the 700×500 mm model, UV-resistant, double-glazed smoke black tinted windows on skylights, and compatibility with roof thicknesses of 25-60 mm.


Technical Info

High Quality Product:

  • CE Conformity and TUV Rheinland Certification
  • Double-glazed smoke black tint roofs
  • Manual 4-position open/close: ventilation and locked positions
  • Roof lid handles with push-button locking
  • Standard pleated blind and flyscreen

400 x 400 mm Model:

  • 3 light modes from 12V halo LED light with touch sensor
  • Removable interior seal for 100 sq cm permanent ventilation

700 x 500 mm Model:

  • Large opening area
  • 4 x 12V LED perimeter lights
  • 150 sq cm permanent ventilation

Cut-out Sizes:

  • 700 x 500 mm: 700mm (+/- 2mm) x 500mm (+/- 2mm), Radius R50(mm)
  • 400 x 400 mm: 400mm (+/- 2mm) x 400mm (+/- 2mm), Radius R50(mm)

Roof Thickness:

  • Suitable for 60 mm; longer screws needed for up to 65 mm
  • Extra trim required for thickness above 65 mm


  • Recommended East/West, but can be North/South if locking mechanism is engaged during travel


Freight Info:

  • Shipping nationwide

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Additional information

Hatch Size

400 x 400, 450 x 400, 700 x 500 with LED

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