Dometic S7P Windows

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A perfect match for caravans and RVs with curved profiles or customers looking for a sleek finish.

  • Dometic S7P windows look stylish with their slightly curved design
  • Flush-fitting pane and dark-tinted double acrylic glazing
  • The lightweight, powder-coated aluminium frame ensures excellent insulation and a perfect finish
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Matching Double Cassette blinds also available
  • Suit wall thicknesses 26-44 mm (see below)


Product Info

Installation Instructions



Installation Information:

1.  S7P windows can be installed in walls from 26 to 44mm in thickness. Please ensure you specify your wall thickness with the order to ensure the correct clips are provided with each window. DIY Caravan customers find the clips for 26-28mm walls also suit 29mm composite panel walls

2. Internal Trim (white) is recommended for the inside of the window installation. You will need to order a length of trim in metres  to ‘go around’ all your windows plus some spare. Please note this trim is only suitable for wall thicknesses up to 32mm.

3. The Double cassette blinds are a perfect match for these windows. Blinds are available for each size of S7P window as a separate item and can be ordered here

Refer to Installation Manual above for all the details

Other Features

  • Multi-locking system provides security against intruders
  • Powder-coated profiles for outstanding insulation
  • Aluminium frame reduces the weight
  • Double dark-tinted acrylic glazing
  • Curvature radius of 5000 mm

Additional information

Window Size (L x H)

500×250, 500×400, 510×510, 700×510, 700×900, 800×400, 800×450, 800×510, 900×500, 900×900, 920×990, 1000×250, 1000×510, 1100×450, 1180×575, 1200×600, 1300×510, 1400×575, 1570×575

Wall thickness

26-28mm, 30-32mm, 36-38mm, 42-44mm