Dometic CaraD 1850 Caravan Door

$1,903.33$1,983.19 inc. GST

The Dometic CaraD range sets a new standard in caravan doors with following key features:

  • Ultra modern European look
  • Highly resistant safety mesh tested to resist 180J of impact
  • Secure 4 point locking system
  • Safety glass
  • Latching system

This Door is 1850 mm high and 622 mm wide and suitable for wall thicknesses of 27-28mm or 35-36mm.

Only 3 models are now available as below

  • White Aluminium outer panel / Left hand hinge / no vent
  • Black Glass outer panel / Left hand hinge / no vent
  • White Aluminium outer panel / Left hand hinge / with vent

For Caravans and RVs with a flat floor you will also need to purchase the Dometic CaraDoor lower trim here

Product Information



The Dometic CaraD entrance door is designed with safety in mind. Unlike other caravan doors, both panels on the CaraD door have been safety tested and are virtually indestructible.

Traditionally, caravan doors have two panels with the outer panel providing the safety element and the thin inner mesh door used only to let air in. In comparison, the inner panel of the CaraD door has safety mesh that can withstand the weight of a grown adult- this means you can let air into your caravan and know that your valuables are safe.

The outer panel, which also has a fully tested latching system, is available in either safety glass or aluminium, while a unique, four point locking system prevents the door from swinging open when travelling.

Optional built in vents allow excellent air circulation in line with LPG regulations (only on some models).

Other handy features include a built-in roller blind and dark tint for the lower glass panel, a built-in magnetic door latch and a chrome, easy grab handle design.

For the smaller CaraD 1750 Door please click here

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Additional information

Hinge Location (from outside)

Left Hand Hinge, Right Hand Hinge

Door Vent

With Door Vent, No Door Vent

Wall thickness

27-28 mm, 35-36 mm

Outer Door

White Aluminium, Black Glass

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