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Building your first caravan is a big project – and it’s always better to ask the question and be sure you know the correct answer.

The old adage is so true – ‘ Assumptions generally lead to one thing – Errors!’

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, scroll through the FAQs to help your project along.

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Front and Rear Lamps – what are the legal requirements?

The information below is kindly provided by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia -August 2021 - and has been reproduced here to help customers understand the rules regarding the correct location of lamps on vehicles. For towable vehicles, the end outline marker lamps (front and rear) must n

How to Insure your self build project or Caravan

Ensuring you are able to insure your self-build project when it is completed is important to consider at the beginning, as is making sure the premium is reasonable. There are a few steps the self-builder can take to take care of this. essentially the goal is to demonstrate the project…

DIY Guide – Caravan Shower Doors

Can the Glideaway doors be installed in a household shower space? Yes they can. As long as there are 2 parallel walls to install it between. How do you freight the shower doors? Shower doors are shipped direct from the importer to your nominated ship to address. Due to their…