Cruisemaster Air Control Kits

DIY Guide – Cruisemaster Air Control kits

Which Air Control Kit is the best for manual control?

The Level 3 Manual air control kit has all you need for manual control of the Suspension system. It includes the new Heavy Duty Compressor and seamless Aluminium tank, together with a dual digital pressure gauge and tyre inflator coil and wand.

Do I have to buy an Air Control Kit?

The answer depends on which suspension kit you are buying. The ATX range of suspension kits are ONLY available with an Air Control Kit Level 3 or Level 4 whereas the XT Freestyle range of suspension kits can be bought simply with the schrader valves – Air Kit Level 1. Customers should note that if you install another brand of air control kit you will risk the warranty of the Cruisemaster suspension components.

With the self levelling function in Level 4 are the sensors on one side of the chassis or two sides?

The level 4 air control kit includes the self-levelling function and is available on the XT Freestyle and ATX suspensions. The sensors are on both sides of the van so you can set the height of each one with a threaded dowel.

What brand of Compressor do Cruisemaster supply and does it operate on a constant duty cycle?

The compressor kit is currently (as at Jan 2023) supplied by Airbag Man – it is a 200 psi 12v compressor.

The control panel has a switch in it so once the tank is under a certain pressure (PSI) it will turn on and fill the tank with air. Cruisemaster recommend turning the switch off while not in use so it doesn’t burn out or make pressure adjustments while driving.