DIY Guide – Caravan Windows, Vents and Skylights

I have a wall thickness of 50 mm – what windows can I use?

With Eurovision caravan windows and Eurovision 2 windows, the standard inner frames that come with the product suit a wall thicknesses of 24-33 mm. If your wall thickness is greater than this you will need to also purchase a separate Eurovision Window inner frame (available in black) to use in the install to suit either a wall thickness of 34-44 mm (Medium Frames) or 44-54 mm (Large frames). Please note inner frames are available in most (but not all) sizes.

What is the difference between the original Eurovision window and the Eurovison 2 caravan window ?

The most popular windows are the Dometic S7P windows and the Eurovision range of Caravan Windows. Dometic products are always well-designed and attractive though they may be more expensive than some competitors. However Dometic no longer sell the internal blinds to go with the S7P windows and you also need to purchase the internal trim and clips to install the window as separate items – which we will calculate for your order.

On the other hand the Eurovision windows come complete with a robust internal blind system included in the price. Also installation is easy since they are a clamp style window so you simply use the screws provided to attach the inner and outer parts together around the window cut-out. Most customers also find the blind system to be strong and robust with the white cassettes on the inside at the top and bottom.

The latest range to arrive in Australia is the Eurovision 2 range – with a more sleek look and a flat outer pane profile. The acrylic pane is also darker than the original Eurovision range.

The Eurovision 2 windows are also available with the double blind system as standard and in addition now you can select the new range of slim blinds so they are more aesthetic from the inside.

Can the Eurovision 2 be installed into a camper van only through the outer skin?

The window clamp system for the Eurovision windows is designed for walls from a thickness of 24 mm thick upwards  – so you will need to build a frame around the aperture to accommodate this. Also note surface to which you install it should be flat or very nearly flat so you can get a good seal on the outside

Are all Acrylic window panes the same quality?

Most modern caravan windows use a double-glazed acrylic pane for better insulation but you may notice some acrylic window panes deteriorate over time. The highest quality standard we have come across is the European EC standard for the acrylic and our main Supplier advises us the Eurovision and Eurovision 2 windows have Acrylic panes that comply with this Standard.

How good are the flyscreens on the windows?

When you are travelling in remote areas the flies and midges can be a real issue and some screens are better than others. Our Supplier advises that the window blind and flyscreen setup on the Eurovision window blinds are designed to stop midges as well and their more robust design makes sure they stay in track when opening and closing the blinds and flyscreens.

Why are some DIY window products supplied without an internal trim?

Many DIY products are mainly supplied to the manufacturers of caravans, horse-floats etc and since walls vary in their thickness and type of construction the best product to use to trim the internal side of the window frame varies. This applies to ATRV Wind-out windows and ATRV sliding windows. Most customers source a plastic, rubber or aluminium angle trim from a local supplier to do this job.

Other windows such as the ATRV Eurovision range are a ‘clamp style design’ and come complete with the inner frame which also includes the internal blinds. So you don’t need to source an inner trim. Customers can choose the price range and product that best suits their project.

Does DIY supply curved windows or are they all for flat surfaces?

The S7P range of windows from Dometic has a small curvature making them more suitable for installing in vehicles such as vans with a similar curved surface.

According to Dometic – The S7P wall window is suitable for installing in delivery vans with curved exterior surfaces (radius of 5000 mm).

Other main brands of windows such as Camec and ATRV Eurovision are designed for installation to a flat surface – although with careful uses of a good sealant customers are able to install on a slight radius.

What is the difference between the Eurovison 2 window with the standard blind or the slim blind?

The updated slim blind system has no curtain track facility which allows the blind cannister to be even slimmer giving it a sleek and modern design and taking up less room inside. The slimline blind cannister is only approx. 42 deep and 47 mm high.

But if you may want to add curtains later the Standard blind system is the one for you.

What skylight or shower hatch is best for me?

The Dometic range of Mini-Heki and Midi-Heki roof vents are well designed and very popular for the higher budget customers. They are robust and sleek in their design.

The Finch range of shower vents and Skylights are sold in large numbers to many Australian caravan Manufacturers so the quality has to be good for the price tag.

And the most recent range to come to Australia is the Freucamp range of vents and Skylights – well designed with a European style and backed by ATRV these are now a popular range of products and the Supplier is second to none when it comes to parts and after sale service.