Why choose DIY composite panels for your project?

DIY has spent many years researching and testing composite panels to find different types of panel suitable for the RV market in Australia. Composite panels come in many guises and there are pro’s and con’s with many – and all have a place. The goal is to supply you with the most appropriate panel type for your project!

At DIY Caravans we have put together a list of criteria you may wish use to compare different composite panels:

  • Strength characteristics – compressive strength, shear strength and tensile strength – these panels will have to withstand some of the toughest roads on earth
  • Lightweight – saving weight saves fuel and allows smaller tow vehicles
  • Resistance to de-lamination – the single biggest risk with composite panels is if the skin starts to come away from the core – we need to be confident this will not occur
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures – ‘out there’ your caravan wall may get hotter than you think
  • Insulation values – energy costs money – we either need to keep the heat out or keep the cold out to improve comfort and save costs
  • Safety – you may be sleeping inside these vans – so FST properties may be important (FST is an assessment of Fire, Smoke and Toxic fumes risk)
  • Longevity – more damage occurs in RVs from water than all other issues put together. DIY products need to be impervious to water!

DIY Caravans is pleased to be able to offer a huge range of  high quality composite panels constructed with either an XPS core or a PVC core.