Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer

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Novakool has manufactured quality refrigeration products in Canada for well over 30 years

  • 258 L total internal volume
  • large 188 L fridge at top, 70 L freezer compartment at bottom
  • Low current draw and low battery protection to prevent full discharge of batteries
  • Positive door latch system
  • The Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer very strong mounting flanges
  • LED interior light in fridge
  • Black door panels as standard – or customer can install custom panel
  • Choose LHS or RHS hinges (as you face fridge)
  • highly efficient variable speed Secop / Danfoss BD50F series compressor
  • NovaKool 2 year warranty on all components
  • Australia wide shipping available


The Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer is the epitome of quality and efficiency, manufactured in Canada by Novakool, a company with over 30 years of experience in producing top-notch refrigeration products. With a total internal volume of 258 liters, this fridge freezer offers a spacious 188-liter fridge at the top and a 70-liter freezer compartment at the bottom, making it perfect for all your refrigeration needs.


Key Features of the Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer


Efficient and Reliable Performance

The Nova Kool RFU9009 is powered by a highly efficient variable speed Secop / Danfoss BD50F series compressor, ensuring reliable performance and low energy consumption. So the low current draw and low battery protection feature prevent the full discharge of batteries, making it an excellent choice for energy-conscious users.

User-Friendly Design

So this fridge freezer comes with a positive door latch system and very strong mounting flanges for secure installation. The LED interior light in the fridge ensures easy visibility, while the black door panels can be customized with your own panel for a personalized touch. Choose between left-hand side (LHS) or right-hand side (RHS) hinges to suit your preference.

Durability and Convenience

Built to last, the Nova Kool RFU9009 features shelves made of powder-coated wire for durability, replaceable door panels for a custom finish, and environmentally sound 134a refrigerant. Also the CFC-free urethane foam in the cabinet and doors, along with magnetic door gaskets, ensure a positive seal and superior insulation.

Versatile Power Options

Also the fridge freezer operates on a 12 or 24 volts DC module as standard. An optional AC/DC multi-voltage module is available for operation on 12v and 240v, automatically switching between AC and DC power sources: 12 or 24 V DC and 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz.


Technical Information

  • Gross Weight: 48 kgs
  • Power Supply: 12 or 24 Volts DC module (standard)
  • Optional Power Supply: AC/DC multi-voltage module (12v and 240v)
  • Compressor: Danfoss BD50F
  • Control Module: Danfoss 101N0230
  • Total Volume: 258 liters (9.1 cu.ft.)
  • Fridge Space: 188 liters
  • Freezer Space: 70 liters
  • Cut Out Dimensions: 1342 mm Height, 590 mm Width, 630 mm Depth
  • Overall Dimensions: 1355 mm Height, 629 mm Width, 650 mm Depth (including latch handle)
  • Power Draw: ~ 6.2 amps on 12 volts (average power use varies depending on ambient temperature and door usage)


Further Details

  • Storage for Tall Bottles: Convenient storage for taller bottles
  • Durability: Powder-coated wire shelves
  • Customizable Finish: Replaceable door panels
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses 134a refrigerant
  • Insulation: CFC-free urethane foam in cabinet and doors
  • Seal: Magnetic door gaskets
  • Construction: Stainless fasteners and hinges
  • Maintenance: Efficient static condenser for easy maintenance


Warranty and Shipping

Finally NovaKool offers a 2-year warranty on all components, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase. Australia-wide shipping is available, making the Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer accessible no matter where you are.

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and convenience with the Nova Kool RFU9009 Fridge Freezer. This fridge freezer is designed to meet all your refrigeration needs while offering customizable features and reliable performance.


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Additional information

Door Hinges

Left Hand Side, Right Hand Side

Power Supply

12/24 volt supply only, 12/24 v and 240 v supply