Custom Made Caravan & RV Tanks


These high quality tanks are made in Queensland with these features

  • Made from food grade 10mm polypropylene folded and welded
  • Solid colour ‘Bright White’ so ideal for fresh, grey and black water applications
  • BPA free, UV Stable and lightweight
  • Baffles generally at 350-450mm centres
  • Very strong, highly impact resistant and will not rust or corrode
  • Tanks can be orientated in any direction
  • Inlets, outlets and breathers can be located at any position on the tank
  • Tanks tested to 21 KPa
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty


For the Installer:

  • Note – minimum width 200 mm required – to allow access for welding inside tank
  • Fittings are female bsp fittings for inlets, outlets and breathers -choose from sizes 1/2in, 3/4in,1in or 11/2 in – your drawing needs to show the exact location of fittings
  • To calculate the weight of your tank use the following
    • 10 mm Polypropylene sheet = 9.0 kg per 1 m²
  • No need for stone guards in most applications

How to Order Custom-Made Tanks or get a quote
Once you have the shape, size, fittings and their locations you need to send us a drawing which we
will be able to work from. The following is an overall guide.
1. Draw the basic shape of your tank in relative proportion
2. On your drawing detail all measurements paying particular attention to anything which is critical
3. Indicate on your drawing the location of your fittings and their sizes
4. Double check your dimensions and fittings are correct
5. Mark what application the tank is for it: fresh/grey/blackwater tank for a boat/motorhome etc
6. On the same page put your contact details, include name, phone, email, delivery & postal address
7. Send your drawing and details to

Freight Info:

  • Australia wide shipping available

Do you have a question regarding this product ? Please email it to us on our Contact Form and we will be in touch.