DIY Chassis plates CAD file (for goose-neck hitch BT50/Ranger)

$132.00 inc. GST

This product is the CAD file (in dxf format) and a Licence to produce locally 2 Chassis plates as detailed below

  • Chassis plates are designed specifically for the the Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger chassis on post 2011 models ONLY
  • Laser cut steel plates are the ideal platform for the installation of a goose-neck hitch or 5th wheel hitch over the rear axle.
  • Includes engineer’s design certificate rated at 4500kgs ATM
  • Can be used with a fifth wheel hitch or a 3 inch ball hitch for towing horse floats and goose-neck trailers
  • This item is the dxf file for the chassis plates and the Engineer Design Certificate only
  • The installation of these plates will require your Engineer’s certification and normally involves some drilling of the chassis and use of anti-crush tubes.

Technical Drawing

Assembly Drawing


Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 are a popular choice for towing 5th wheelers and goose-neck horse floats and trailers. These laser profiled mild steel plates are designed for installation with minimum interference with the vehicle chassis.

  • The chassis plates form part of a complete assembly which includes 3 lengths of 76 x 38 mm channel (not included) to be bolted to the chassis plates to create a very strong platform just beneath the well-back or flat tray of the vehicle. This platform can be used to mount a fifth wheel hitch or 3 inch ball hitch to tow your goose-neck trailer. Refer to assembly Drawing.
  • The Chassis plates are designed and engineered for only these vehicles and are certified to ATM of 4500 kgs. Engineer Certificate supplied with purchase on request.
  • Engineer certification of the customer’s installation is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • The price is for a Licence to produce 2 Chassis plates only

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