How To Calculate Panel Dimensions when using DIY Panel Joiners

Calculating the exact dimensions of your Composite Panels will depend on how you intend to join the panels together. There are 2 main ways detailed here in ‘How to Join the Composite Panels together’

This purpose of this guide is to help you calculate the panel dimensions for your project where you are using the DIY Panel Joiner system. In this guide we have made the following assumptions

  • Your chassis is a rectangular shape with a Length L (mm) and a Width W (mm)
  • Your front wall and rear wall are vertical to the top
  • Your ceiling height plus floor thickness is H (mm)
  • the DIY Floor joiner will attach the sidewalls to the chassis on all 4 sides
  • the DIY Wall 29-29 will join the panels together as shown in the drawings below

In your design DIY strongly recommends:

  • Create a perfect flat surface for gluing the floor down – this means the surfaces (eg outriggers) that support the DIY floor joiner need to be 3mm lower than the chassis rails and cross members – see diagram 1 below
Diagram 1
  • The orientation of the DIY 29-29 joiner at the roof level should be such that the roof panel extends partly over the wall panels – see diagram 2 below.  Repeat this principle for the front and rear walls to avoid any confusion. This is important to ensure the panels are the right measured correctly.
Diagram 2
  • The Panel joiners joining the side and rear walls – ie going vertically – extend to the very top and the very bottom of the shell – see diagram 3 below.
  • In addition these panel joiners need to be the right way round – such that the wall panels are as shown in Diagram 4 below

Consider the information in the Diagrams 4, 5 and 6 below before using the table in Diagram 7 to calculate your own Composite Panel Sizes.

Diagram 4
Diagram 5
Diagram 6
Diagram 7

Now you have your panel sizes. If you need help with this please Contact DIY Caravans here.