Dometic S7P Windows

How to order my Dometic S7P windows

So you may be interested in buying a set of the new stylish Dometic S7P windows and want to be clear about what items to order. Unlike the Eurovision windows, with Dometic S7P windows the blind system is not included and you will need to order it as a separate item. Below are a few tips to make sure your order includes all the right parts for a great window installation.

  1. Select the size of window(s) that you require from the range of sizes available. For installation note the cut-out size is the same as the nominated window size and the corner radius are 75mm.

2. Make sure you specify the wall thickness when placing the order. Choose between 26-28mm, 30-32 mm, 36-38mm or 42-44mm. Each window comes with a number of clips (included in the price) and we need to supply the right size of wall clips that suit your wall thickness. For customers with 29mm composite wall panels the 26-28mm size is best.

3. If you also want the internal S7P double cassette blind system, then order the ones to suit your window sizes. To keep it simple we have named the blinds by the S7P window size they suit.

4. You will also need to buy a length of internal trim for Dometic S7P windows. Use the table below to calculate the total length of trim required to go all around all of your windows and round up to the next metre.

Include all this information when you send the order in and DIY Caravans will check the availability of all the items and get back to you with a great price on freight to your door.

Any further queries please contact us here and we will be pleased to help.