Thule Omnistep – 12v Electronic Controller

$287.49 inc. GST

Relax in the knowledge the steps will close when the ignition is started.

  • Electronic control unit for use only with the 12V Thule steps
  • Comes as a complete kit – see below
  • The step extends whenever you open the door and retracts whenever the ignition is started so that you do not accidentally drive off with the step extended.
  • A wall switch ensures that your step can stay extended even when you’re opening and closing the door whilst camped/stationary


Technical Information

This product should only be installed by a qualified auto-electrician

Kit contains:

  • Electronic Step Control Unit
  • Control unit/door switch mounting screws (3pce)
  • Wall mount switch with wires
  • Door switch with wires
  • Spade connectors 6.4mm, Female (Blue 4pce, Red 5pce)
  • Fuse, 20A 12V DC inline fuse
  • Wire: Figure 8 power cable Red + Red/Black (2.5m), Blue (4m)

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