Shower Door FAQs

Can you supply a Shower Door a particular height to suit my job?

Glide-away and Rollaway shower doors come in certain heights only and the height cannot be modified to suit your application. The Glide-away Door comes in 6 choices (1525, 1600, 1650, 1700, 1750 1800mm) and the Rollaway Door comes in 3 sizes (1525 1600 and 1800 mm).

What if my height is over 1800mm?

In this case we recommend you use an 1800 door and there will be a gap above the top rail after you have installed it. This is fine as it will be attached to the housing on one side and the side rail on the other side. Some customers enclose the area above the top rail by trimming it in a white board to match the top rail.

What is the difference between the Glide-away Door and the Rollaway Door?

The two products are very similar.

The Rollaway Door was the original and has a semi see though (Opaque) screen which does not give full privacy. It is made in New Zealand and has a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

The Glide-away Door was developed with a white Screen to provide full privacy. It is made in China and also has a 5 year manufacturer warranty. This product is cheaper and used by many RV manufacturers in Australia.

What if the door aperture I have is over 925mm?

Some DIY Showers have an aperture slightly larger than door width of 925mm. If it is 1000mm or lower the best solution here is to install a ‘post’ the same height as your shower door on either one side or both sides of the shower aperture.

We recommend using lengths of aluminium RHS or SHS say 50mm x 50mm powder coated pearl white and use construction adhesive and countersunk screws to attach it securely to the shower cubicle.. This will reduce the aperture such that the Glideaway or Rollaway door can then can be installed as per the installation details.