DIY  – for the ‘self-build’ and ‘refurbishment’ of RVs, Caravans, Slide-ons and other Trailers

council-information-trailerMost DIY customers are looking for:

  • a better quality product than you find in the marketplace
  • a design quite specific and different
  • using their knowledge to build their personal project and
  • a saving in $

Why choose DIY?

  • DIY offers a range of highly specialist products developed for the caravan and RV industry. Many products are ‘made to order’ and often only sold to RV manufacturers. DIY is able to supply them to our customers at excellent prices
  • DIY specialises in lightweight products ranging from composite walls to cabinetry. This means you save fuel on the road or can carry more payload in your van.
  • Purchasing ‘made to order’ products means they are tailored to suit your project. Since we specify the correct item for your project, it will perform how you expect it to
  • diy-slide-on-shell-off-rooadOur DIY service makes sure you only buy the parts suitable for your project. With so many parts to choose from, our manufacturing experience means we can ensure all components complement each other in your design
  • DIY has years of experience building high quality caravans and only offers for sale the ‘best available’ products – most have been tried and tested by ourselves
    Click here to see the Cut Loose range of products built with the DIY technology
  • DIY has developed an innovative construction system – for the building of immensely strong yet ultra-lightweight RV shells. Ideal for caravans, fifth wheelers, box trailers, truck campers etc
    click here to find out more on the DIY Construction system
  • DIY is a Queensland business with a showroom and a dedicated customer service that will make sure your queries are answered. Also as a web based business it operates with low margins offering the customer excellent value for money
  • DIY aims to provide all the practical info you need on this website – to enhance your DIY experience

From parts and components, to design and technical support, DIY has the experience to make sure your project is a resounding success.

How DIY does it.

  • 21Products – The DIY range of products are carefully selected for you to ensure:
    1. Quality is the ‘best available in industry’
    2. Products are manufactured in Australia (where possible)
    3. Suppliers can support their product Australia-wide
  • Price – DIY has negotiated great deals with all major suppliers – giving you excellent value for money. Our suppliers are located in several States
  • Detail – ‘Made to order’ product orders may require more info to make sure the detail is correct. DIY will discuss these details with you before processing your order – so please send your order in and we will contact you to ensure we have all the detail we need
  • Shipping – Each order is treated individually since each project is unique. Orders may be shipped direct from the manufacturer or local distributor to your door, or may be for collection only or may be a combination of both. We will advise the best way to receive your order as this will depend on product type(s) and location
  • Payment – Once the above items are optimised for your Order – DIY will create and email you an invoice. When we receive your deposit your Order will be processed.

It’s our passion – DIY has a vested interest in making sure your project is a success. Many clients go on to build more projects and create a part-time business. That’s why we will be there to help you all the way. Our goal is for you to create your ‘ideal project’ for many years of fun and adventure.