A Composite Panel Kit – PVC core

This is the most cost-effective way to buy DIY Premium Composite panels. Once you have the key dimensions for your chassis and/or build project,  DIY will help you to specify all the parts of the Panel Kit.

A complete panel kit usually consists of most of the following items:

  • LHS wall panel and RHS wall panels
  • Roof panel
  • Front wall panel(s) and rear wall panel
  • Floor panel
  • Internal wall panels (eg bathroom partition)

The panels are easy to cut with care and DIY recommends the holes for windows and hatches are not cut until you have marked out your floor-plan inside. Changing a window size or location is easy if the hole has not been cut!

You will also need to give thought to:



Many client’s designs start with a series of hand-drawn sketches  – DIY can help identify the most suitable type of panel for each application – we have a number of panel designs from various boutique manufacturers and our role is to find the products that most suit your project.

Other benefits to you of buying a panel kit include:

  • Excellent Prices – Enjoy wholesale prices for kits over 40 m2
  • By designing the kit as a whole we ensure all the components will fit together as you intend
  • Transport – Save on freight – the manufacture of all panels will be co-ordinated as a kit and shipped in one load
  • Choose from a range of panel thicknesses – from 7mm to 50mm – as the cores will be ordered specifically for your project
  • Consider if you require any insertions for structural support (such as AC units on roof) and cable access

Ready for a chat about a kit? – simply email office@diycaravans.com.au with your project details – including any drawings you have –  and we will call you to discuss the detail and put a proposal to you.