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Building your first caravan is a big project – and it’s always better to ask the question and be sure you know the correct answer.

The old adage is so true – ‘ Assumptions generally lead to one thing – Errors!’

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, scroll through the FAQs to help your project along.

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What do all the weight terms mean such as GVM & ATM?

To understand what size of caravan you can tow with your tow vehicle it is important to understand the meanings of the terminology used. The following terms are the most common used when discussing towing possibilities and weight ratings related to small trailers. These are the official ADR definiti

What is the NSW requirement for trailer break-away systems?

The NSW RTA has specific requirements for the break-away brake systems on caravan and trailers with a GTM rating over 2.0 tonne. Vehicle Inspectors Bulletin No 06 details the provision of a device to inform the driver (while in the normal seating position) of the charge-condition of the battery in&h

What documents will I need to register my new Caravan when it’s complete?

DIY suggests you search the Roads Department in your State Government website as the requirements do vary between States. As a guide you are most likely to require: A VIN number. You will need to obtain a 17 digit VIN number from your local Roads Department when you start your project.…

Does my DIY Caravan need to comply with any Regulations or Standards?

Yes. I have divided this into 3 areas – Road Regulations, Gas and Electrics. Road : There is a system of National Standards for vehicles know as ADRs (Australian Design Rules) in addition to a large number of Australian Standards. However the best source of practical info for ‘Building a…